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Rewriting the Book on Digital Publishing

The book publishing industry is just one among many now being revolutionised by information and communication technologies. One of today’s key shifts is how readers value niche tailoring, social engagement, and extensive personalisation as part of their consumer experience.

The consequence of this shift means that publishers have to be able to print books in increasingly small runs, not only because print is rapidly becoming just one format among many, but also because long-term commercial success hinges on doing “test” runs to tweak and finalise the product, tailoring production lots to niche markets, and adjusting print volumes to meet sudden shifts in consumer demand.

Fuji Xerox’s impressive line-up of digital print devices is precisely what book publishers need not just to survive, but to actually thrive. Fuji Xerox machines offer a host of benefits that include printing small runs more quickly and efficiently—while still providing higher print accuracy, consistency, and quality.


Rewriting the Book on Publishing
Discover how digital printing is revolutionising the entire book supply chain, and how you can take advantage.

Book Publishing 

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Featured Technology

 iridesse product image

Iridesse Production Press

Delivers more "wow" impact per printed page through digital specialty enhancements. Beyond imagination!

  • Six colour print engine that brings unprecedented power of expression to digital printing.
  • Underlay with Gold or Silver specialty dry ink realizes offset-like metallic colours.
  • White Dry Ink and Clear Dry Ink bring new possibilities of design expression.

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B9136 / B9125 / B9110 / B9100 Copier/Printer

B9136 / B9125 / B9110 / B9100 Copier/Printer

More beautiful, more powerful. Evolving monochrome on-demand printing with proven technologies

  • Advanced print quality, productivity and finishing process give strong support for monochrome POD business.
  • Offering the latest finisher lineup. Cover insertion, three-sided trim, and saddle stitched booklet with square fold supported.
  • Simple Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA) makes alignment adjustment easy.
  • Equipped with various copy and scan functions useful for office operation.

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Fuji Xerox 1400 Inkjet Color Continuous Feed

Fuji Xerox 1400 Inkjet Colour Continuous Feed

Fuji Xerox 1400 Inkjet Colour Continuous Feed Ideal for Book Publishing, Direct Marketing, and Transactional applications.

The Fuji Xerox 1400 Inkjet Colour Continuous Feed Printing Systems range enables high-speed printing at 100 meters per minute. The Fuji Xerox 1400 range also boasts a lightweight body enabling installation of the range of devices on above-ground floor levels. Moreover, the output quality and data print reliability are equivalent to those of currently available higher end models. With the addition of the Model-S2H, Fuji Xerox now has a full range of inkjet products to support the growing demand for fast high-volume production, new applications-based and variable printing.

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