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As consumers get more sophisticated in their tastes, brands are turning to different packaging solutions to create better end-user experiences—whether it’s in corrugated packaging, smart packaging, or folding cartons. This increased reliance on packaging is especially crucial in the folding carton packaging market, where crowded supermarket shelves make it increasingly challenging for brands to distinguish themselves from the competition. It is expected that the global folding cartons market will be worth over USD100 billion by 2020, with much of the demand coming from the Asia-Pacific region.*

The key to addressing the challenge of making folding carton packaging stand out in saturated store shelves will be the new digital press technologies that allow for the creation of bold, creative, and unique designs with minimal investment. Such technologies will allow for higher resolution printing, wider colour palettes, bolder finishing techniques, and broader material flexibility—while facilitating the significant cost savings that come with digital printing’s short-run capabilities.

Fuji Xerox’s impressive line-up of digital print devices enables you to deliver more value to your clients and to make the most of this huge growth opportunity. Find out how you can leverage the manifold possibilities of folding carton packaging today!

*Source: The Future of Folding Cartons to 2020, Smithers Pira



Benefits of Digital Packaging Printing
From shorter runs to increased variations, discover profitable opportunities that await with digital packaging printing.


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Delivers more "wow" impact per printed page through digital specialty enhancements. Beyond imagination!

  • Six colour print engine that brings unprecedented power of expression to digital printing.
  • Underlay with Gold or Silver specialty dry ink realizes offset-like metallic colours.
  • White Dry Ink and Clear Dry Ink bring new possibilities of design expression.

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