Inkjet Continuous Feed

Inkjet Continuous Feeds

Our production inkjet presses are designed to maximize operational effectiveness while helping you add tangible value.

Powerful Print Options—To Deliver on Any Printing Need

The global market for inkjet printing is forecasted to be worth $109 billion in 2023, a result of an expected 9.4 percent year-on-year growth.* Fuji Xerox has a full range of inkjet products to support both high-volume printing (documents and publications) as well as large-format printing (banners and signage). 

Deliver on high-volume, variable printing orders for transaction documents, direct mail, books, newspapers, magazines, and newsletters with Fuji Xerox Inkjet Colour Continuous Feed Printing Systems. Experience astonishing high image quality and high productivity, and do more to provide highly customised services to your market. 

For large-format printing, the Fuji Xerox and FujiFilm collaboration introduces a powerful wide-format printer designed to produce high-quality display and exhibition graphics. Print banners, window displays, wall graphics, backlit graphics, and customised wallpapers on flexible media with a dedicated roll service. High efficiency equipment—quick start-up and low energy use—ensures the highest returns for your business.

Capitalise on the rapid growth of the digital print industry, and find the right solution for your business now.

*Source: Caslon PDP Forecast / The Future of Inkjet Printing to 2023, Smithers Pira

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